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Imagine A Bigger Life

Imagine A Bigger Life

So How did it go?
Did you:

  • Write down the three sentences describing your dream life
  • Completed the exercises set before you in Blog #1
  • Download the budget spreadsheet and analyze your actual financial level.

Can check off these action items with a YES!??
Great!! Now let’s continue…

While doing these exercises, I tried my best to dig deep into my soul and be honest with myself. I found that something was holding me back. I was scared.

I had an immense Fear of Failure looming over my head, and I was struggling with the fact that I was going to have to [create my financial security]. No longer would I be able to “rely” on an employer. I was continuously struggling with my inner thoughts.

I was the Queen of “What If’s?”

What if I fail?
What if I quit my job, and this business doesn’t work for me?
What if I don’t know an answer to a question and embarrass myself?
What if I don’t succeed?
What if I am just supposed to live the “normal” life and have a job forever?
I feel good about where I am in life. I am comfortable. Do I need to push myself?
Have you ever caught yourself asking these same questions?

In my mind, I was not unique, so why should I think that I may be able to achieve my goals. I wasn’t always a straight-A student and did not graduate top of my class. I found myself questioning if I was “courageous enough” or smart enough to take this leap. I had big thoughts, big dreams, and yet I felt so undeserving of actually achieving my goals I was drawing out for myself.

I read a quote once by Gary Keller that said

“When you lift the limits of your thinking, you expand the limits of your life. It’s only when you can imagine a bigger life, that you can ever hope to have one.”


This hurt.

I knew from searching my soul that I was placing limiting beliefs on myself. I was allowing what people had told me in the past to influence my thoughts and past treatment I had experienced was still defining who I was. I was the one limiting myself.

How could I ever hope to have a more significant life, when I could not even imagine one?

My beliefs were constraining me, and I was allowing false thoughts to shape my mind. I was my biggest enemy, yet as mentioned before, I knew that at the same time I could be my biggest ally.

There is a quote I like that goes something like this, “our minds are powerful things, and when filled with positive thoughts, your life will start to change.”

So I began to question my thoughts. Why am I so scared?

My dad taught me my whole life that Fear was just False Evidence Appearing Real.

False Evidence Appearing Real.



After reading and doing some research, I realized I was going to have to start by dispelling the fear inside of me. I discovered that I must replace the inaccurate, limiting beliefs with life-giving ones. I was going to have to delete the old thoughts and replace them with new ones.

So…..Remember Me at the beginning of this story, the “Queen of What If’s”??? Well, she is slowly dying.

I am daily working to replace them. I am not 100% there yet, and sometimes doubt still creeps in…but I have to remind myself, (or to be honest, when I am down, my Husband reminds me J ) that I have to


What if I fail If I fail, I am one step closer to succeeding
What if I quit my job and this business doesn’t work for me? I am willing to take the next step and act in spite of the fear. Make one positive choice at a time.
What if I don’t know an answer to a question and embarrass myself? I am an honest person, and I will research the matter to become more informed.
What if I don’t succeed? I am committed and persistent. I will never quit.
What if I am just supposed to live the “normal” life and have a job forever? Imagine a more significant life, so that I can make positive habits to create extraordinary experiences in my life.
I am comfortable. Do I really need to push myself? Growth only occurs when I step outside of my comfort zone. If I am not growing, I am dying.

So where are you finding yourself to be???

Do you find yourself scared to take the next step?

PLEASE, don’t fear to leap and to start a life that you dreamed of because you are scared of the unknown.

Remember, you must first start by recognizing the limiting belief.
Next, you must dispel the fear and the inaccurate limiting beliefs that you currently hold on to.
It is time for you to learn how to detect or recognize, the Falsehood of your thoughts.

So let’s go back to your handy-dandy notebook. Let’s start by exploring your current belief system.

Have you placed limitations on yourself? What are they?
What labels have you given yourself?
What is holding you back from achieving your goal? What is it?

Mine was that I might Fail.

I had Labeled Myself as Ordinary/Uneducated. My Fear of the Unknown was holding me back.

Now, flip back over to what you want in life and Read your dream life out loud.
Do these self-beliefs align with the life you want to live?
How do they affect the person you want to become?

The chances are they do not align. Chances are, these beliefs do not only hold you back from achieving the life you are longing for, but they are also placing a strain on the emotional, spiritual, and physical growth, you are trying to experience, which in turn will begin to pull you down. These limiting beliefs will start to affect all areas of your life.

While you are reading this, you may be thinking to yourself that this is a silly exercise. This will not help you. Why would you need to do this?

I’m glad you asked.


Because your beliefs are what determine the expectations you set for your life.

Your beliefs are what begin to shape your perception of reality. How can you ever realize the full potential of who you are when the beliefs you hold are only limiting you? How will you ever know what you can achieve if you allow false information to shape your mind?

But guess what! There is good news!! You do not have to decide your future right now!!! You only need to determine your habits!!! Your habits will determine your future!!!!! And, now that you have come face to face with your limiting beliefs, you can soon begin to create a NEW BELIEF. You can start to form New Habits.

We are going to speak truth into your mind. We are going to provide a light for you as you travel down this path. Our goal is to guide you throughout this journey on your newfound self-directed life and to help you achieve something you never dreamed possible.

Your next assignment is to CLICK HERE to download the self-thoughts….

Download the sheet of live-giving self-beliefs to read to yourself daily!

If you are stuck and need an extra nudge, here are a few new beliefs that you can adapt and begin to tell yourself daily.

I choose to create daily habits that will lead me to a self-directed life.

I am unique. I am happy to be alive. I enjoy being me.

I am courageous.

I am willing to take the small actions necessary to reach this new self-directed life.

I am willing to take the next step and act in spite of the fear.

I inhale confidence and exhale fear.

I am committed and persistent. I will never quit.

I have integrity, and I do what I say.

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